The Actors

Marius and Emma Burger

Marius & Emma Burger

Marius Senior commenced his career in the wine industry over three decades ago upon being appointed Financial and Marketing Manager of a sizable Stellenbosch winery. The winery was grower-owned, and the management maintained an extremely intimate relationship with the estates and the producers. Presently, the majority of these properties are either owned by, or provide grapes to some of Stellenbosch’s most renowned wine labels.

Following approximately fifteen years in the corporate world, Marius and Emma established Signature Brands and registered the Roodekrantz brand. The enduring love for vineyards remained the primary drive, propelling an ongoing quest to discover unique vineyards that communicate the stories of their site and soil. The majority of the vineyards with which we work are certified old vineyard wines, but we also experiment with vineyards that are less than 30 years old in order to identify future potential.

Marius Burger Jnr

Marius Burger Jnr

Following his education at Stellenbosch University, Marius Jnr joined the business and initially was in charge of an office in Guangzhou, China.

With Covid-19, he had to return to South Africa and immediately became involved in the Cellar, assisting Danie Morkel, our Cellarmaster.

Marius met Monika in 2020, and she is now the newest member of the Burger family.

Cellarmaster Danie Morkel

Danie Morkel

Since the 2020 vintage, Danie Morkel has been the Cellarmaster.

His winemaking background in Australia, France, and the United States, in addition to his involvement in multiple South African harvests, has uniquely prepared him to transform vineyards into quality bottles of wine without the need for elaborate winery techniques.